Stop Work Authority

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At Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders we believe anyone in the workplace who observes an action or condition that is unsafe has an obligation and the authority to intervene and to resolve the unsafe action or condition.

Employees are continually encouraged to intervene whenever they notice an unsafe condition or another worker performing work in an unsafe manner (unsafe act). This approach to accident prevention requires each employee to understand that they have both the right and an obligation to safely stop a job whenever they observe a potentially hazardous condition or someone in the process of performing an unsafe act.

Zero Tolerance Policy

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Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders has adopted a zero tolerance policy that will be implemented within several policies and procedures. Infractions can result in immediate suspension pending investigation of personnel who violate any policy procedure and/or hazard control system which results in an actual or potential high severity injury, asset damage, environmental spill, and/or damage to the company’s reputation. The investigation team may recommend termination of employment, as appropriate, for personnel found to have made a willful and knowing violation of company policy and procedure.

HIT Card Program

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Hazard Identification Tool (HIT Card) is a system of identifying hazards and/or risks. The HIT Cards aim to protect all employees, property, and the environment from harm and/or damage by providing a method of identifying hazards prior to beginning a task.

A HIT Card is used to safely plan job tasks by analyzing possible hazards that can occur during each stage of the job. Each stage is analyzed for hazards and controls for the identified hazards to prevent occurrence.